Vivoldi Short URL Service Terms and Conditions

Last modified: October 24, 2018

1. Introduction

The Vivoldi Terms of Service (‘Vivoldi Terms') apply to the Vivoldi Short URL, a service provided by Vivoldi (hereafter referred to as "Vivoldi" or "Company") and Vivoldi's address is 1902-812, 19, Nohae-ro 70-gil, Dobong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The Vivoldi Short URL is a "Service" as defined in the Vivoldi Terms and the following additional Vivoldi Short URL Terms of Service apply when using the Vivoldi Short URL. You agree that these Vivoldi Short URL Terms of Service and Vivoldi Terms (collectively referred to as the "Terms" in this Vivoldi Short URL Terms of Service) will apply when you use the Vivoldi Short URL. Note: The Vivoldi privacy policy explains how this service processes data.

If there is a conflict between the Vivoldi Short URL Terms of Service and the Vivoldi Terms, the Vivoldi Short URL Terms of Service shall prevail. If there is a conflict between the contents of the Korean version and the contents of the translated version, the Korean version shall prevail.

In order to use the Vivoldi Short URL, you must agree to the following terms. Please read the terms carefully. Certain products or features are available in some countries. For more information, please visit the Vivoldi Short URL Customer Center.

2. Vivoldi Short URL overview

Vivoldi Short URL are designed to give you access to Vivoldi services and support, and to showcase new features and products.

Vivoldi Short URL support Vivoldi service and storage pricing, customer support for multiple available Vivoldi products, and other benefits available through Vivoldi or third parties. If you use any additional Vivoldi products or services, those terms apply.

3. Billing and subscription

To purchase a Vivoldi Short URL subscription, you need a Vivoldi account and you must accept the Vivoldi Privacy Policy.

The Vivoldi Short URL subscription will remain in effect until the subscription is canceled. Regular subscriptions are charged automatically every month, and the next claim date is one month after the subscription date.

Vivoldi Short URL fees are subject to change and we will notify you in advance of any such changes. The rate change will be applied after the current plan period ends, and the change will take effect from the next due date. Fee-hike advance notices are notified at least thirty days prior to charge, and if prior notice is received within 30 days, the changed charge will be applied after the next settlement date. If you do not want the Vivoldi Short URL service or a new rate, you can downgrade or cancel the service at any time in the Vivoldi Short URL settings. Cancellation or downgrade of the Service will be effective from the next billing period after the current Service Period.

4. Customer Support

Vivoldi Short URL come with customer support across multiple Vivoldi products and services ("Customer Support"). If you access Customer Support, you agree that you and your system will access the necessary information regarding your use of the Vivoldi Service in your Vivoldi account in accordance with the Vivoldi Privacy Policy for the purpose of providing Customer Support and solving the Requested Issues

If Customer Support is unable to assist you, you may be directed to the appropriate Vivoldi Product Support Services team. This includes not providing customer support at the Vivoldi Short URL for the specific Vivoldi product or service requested.

If a Vivoldi Short URL subscription is canceled or suspended, unresolved customer support issues may also be suspended and new inquiries may be required after the subscription has been restored.

5. Member benefits

Vivoldi Short URL may also offer free or discounted content, products and services ("Membership Benefits"). Membership benefits may be limited by country, supply, or other factors, and membership benefits may only be available to some Vivoldi Short URL subscribers.

Vivoldi Vivoldi may work with third parties to provide third party services or content in order to provide member benefits through Short URL. In order to use the member benefits offered by third parties, Vivoldi agrees that it may provide third parties with the personal information they need when using them in accordance with Vivoldi's privacy policy. Your use of third party membership benefits may be subject to applicable third party terms and conditions, license agreements, privacy policies, and other agreements.

Vivoldi disclaims all warranties, conditions, and agency responsibilities with respect to any third party membership benefits, including but not limited to quality, accuracy, efficiency, security, third party rights and any applicable law or regulation Including but not limited to: These terms do not affect the legal relationship between you and the relevant third party providers.

6. Privacy

Vivoldi collects and uses the information you provide in accordance with the Vivoldi Privacy Policy as described in these Terms to provide the Vivoldi Short URL. Vivoldi may collect and use information related to your use of Vivoldi Short URL to maintain and improve the Vivoldi Short URL service. Vivoldi may also use information relating to your use of other Vivoldi services to improve or provide benefits to the Vivoldi Short URL service.

If necessary to provide Vivoldi's Short URL service (e.g., to qualify for third-party membership benefits, determine whether to use third-party membership benefits, or determine sponsorship plan eligibility requirements) You can also share it with.

Vivoldi may also send you service notices, administrative messages, and other information regarding your use of the Vivoldi Short URL service. You can also send email and device alerts from Vivoldi regarding your membership benefits. Users can opt out of some communications.

7. Changes

Vivoldi reserves the right to change the Vivoldi Short URL and may also amend the Vivoldi Short URL to provide additional functionality or other functionality. The Vivoldi Short URL service subscription agrees to the Vivoldi Short URL service at the time of subscription. In addition, Vivoldi may from time to time provide Vivoldi Short URL in different terms and conditions, and the subscription fees for these terms and conditions may vary.

If Vivoldi reasonably believes that any significant changes that adversely affect the use of the Vivoldi Short URL service are in the Vivoldi Short URL or applicable terms, Vivoldi will notify you. However, there may be times when you need to change your Vivoldi Short URL service without notice, only to ensure the security and operability of the Vivoldi Short URL, and to work to prevent abuse of the service or to comply with legal requirements.

8. Cancellation and Termination

Vivoldi Short URL subscriptions can be unsubscribed at any time by going to the Dash Board subscription. If you cancel your subscriptions, you will still be able to use the Vivoldi Short URL service for the rest of the term.

You can cancel the Vivoldi Short URL at any time within 24 hours of your payment by going to General Purchase on Dash Board. The service will be downgraded as soon as you cancel your payment. After 24 hours, you can not cancel your payment and you must call Vivoldi Customer Service (+82 70-8683-5849) to request a refund.

Vivoldi may at any time terminate its provision of the Vivoldi Short URL service, including in violation of these Terms.

Vivoldi reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Vivoldi Short URL service at any time after giving reasonable notice to the user.



How to Request a Refund

- If you call the Vivoldi Customer Center (+82 70-8683-5849) and request the refund, we will send the refund amount to your account within 3 business days.
(However, it takes 7 ~ 8 business days for countries outside of Korea.)
- The refund amount is calculated by adding up the payment amount and the number of days of service.

9. Compensation for damages

The Company will recover your damages in accordance with the Terms and the relevant laws and regulations if you are liable for damages caused by the negligence of the Company. However, the Company shall not bear any liability for the following damages which are caused without the negligence of the Company. In addition, the Company shall not be liable for indirect, special, consequential, punitive, or punitive damages to the extent permitted by law.

1. Damage arising from natural disasters or equivalent force majeure
2. If your service is disabled due to your reasons
3. Personal damages resulting from accessing or using the Service
4. Damage caused by a third party illegally accessing or using the company's servers
5. damages caused by a third party interfering with the transmission to or from the company server
6. damages caused by third parties transmitting or distributing malicious programs
7. Damage caused by omission, destruction of the transmitted data, damage caused by the use of the service by a third party such as defamation
8. Damage caused by other company's intentional or negligent reason

10. Resolution of disputes

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and enforced by the laws of the Republic of Korea. In the event of any dispute between you and the Company regarding the use of the Services, we will consult with you in good faith. If it is not resolved, you can file a complaint with the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.

Announcement date: July 30, 2019

Effective date: July 30, 2019