Vivoldi Receive information and ads

Effective Date: October 24, 2018

In connection with the Vivoldi service, I have read and understand the content of my consent, so that my personal information is collected and used by Vivoldi for the purpose of: Or transmit the information as follows:

1. Marketing and advertising on personal information

  • ① It is used to convey advertisement information such as news about new service, event / promotion, news about Vivoldi main service.
  • ② Used to secure accurate delivery information for prizes and shopping mall delivery.
  • ③ Used as personalized service, providing services according to demographic characteristics, and serving ads.
  • ④ It is used as statistical data related to the frequency of access or use of this service by members.

2. Consent and withdrawal related to receiving text messages, e-mails, and other information such as DM

  • ① Vivoldi can send DM, SMS, LMS, MMS and E-mail using the collected name, address, contact information and e-mail information if the member agrees to receive.
  • ② If the member does not want the service, he / she can withdraw his / her consent via the customer service center or the Vivoldi website.

3. Use of personal information

  • ① It is used from the consent of personal information use until withdrawal of membership or withdrawal of consent.